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Leaking showers guru was established with the thought in mind of being the consumer’s champion. We realise that a good reputation goes a long way and we firmly believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing right. We found that in the leaking showers market place the number of companies offering quick fix solutions were quite dominant, and not many if any companies were offering leaking shower repairs done right by going to the source of the problem. We thought that this was highly unfair and a disadvantage for the consumer as well as presenting a great business opportunity for us in a field we enjoy and take great pride in. The desire to help, educate and assist as many consumers as possible remains at the core of our business model.

Although prevention is better than cure, repairing all the issues can be made a very simple task and if done correctly will last for many years to come. There are a large number of companies who offer a solution which over time is more likely to see your shower leak again hence causing the same amount of damage as the last time.

These particular jobs are being fixed by so called professionals with a temporary remedy for the sake of saving time and money. We are finding it frustrating that consumers are being taken advantage of by being sold popular band aid fixes without the need to remove any tiles instead of correcting the problem at its roots and fixing it once and for all.

Our business model is simple we get to the core of the problem and repair leaking showers the right way first time round.

Visit our process page to learn more about how we differ from other companies within the industry.

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