Leaking Showers Repairs

We pride ourselves on being the first company nationwide to tackle leaking shower repairs and waterproofing the right way. There are companies that offer band-aid fixes and they are a dime a dozen and we noticed that there are no professional companies out there offering to fix leaking showers the right way which was one of the reasons which lead to the establishment of Leaking Showers Guru.

We think it is only fair to put the consumer on a level playing field giving the consumer sound knowledge, expert advice with the end resulting in more options for the consumer. We firmly believe that there is not enough unbiased advice in the leaking shower repairs market place thus creating a monopoly in favour of all the quick fix repair companies, we wish to be the consumers champion in the leaking shower repair sector and to place all the cards on the table for the consumer helping them make an informed and educated decision.

Our process and estimated cost

  • Remove the shower screen depending on the type of screen
  • Remove bottom row of wall tiles
  • Removal floor tiles
  • Acid wash substrate
  • Removal floor tiles
  • Polyurethane bond breakers applied in junctions
  • Installation of high flexibility waterproof membrane
  • Installation of wall and floor tiles
  • Installation of anti bacterial grout
  • Re installation of shower screen depending on the type screen
  • Final clean up and removal of rubbish

Duration: 1-2 days

The advantages of contracting your job to Leaking Showers Guru are quite extensive and explained in Our Repair Process. The disadvantage if you can fairly call it a ‘disadvantage’ is that in the ‘short term’ you will pay a little more today as opposed to paying $400 for a quick seal method.

Depending on the job you will be inconvenienced in terms of time anywhere from an extra few hours to a day at most but the end result in repairing your shower the right way is that it saves you much more time and heartache in the future by having to do the band-aid fix again and again.

We will clearly explain the process upfront and ensure that you 100% satisfied before the commencement of any work.

Why not contact one of our friendly and professional staff members today for advice and a consultation to see how we can assist you with your project requirements.

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