Our Repair Process

Our Repair Process

We believe our shower repairs are second to none. Why? We do it the way it needs to be done first time round and do not offer any quick fix solutions that sees your shower continue to leak. We have a long history of remedial work and contract to specialist building companies who specialise in remedial & repair work which over the years has made us become aware of the importance of understanding what needs to be done and to do it right.

Many companies will tell you that there is no need to remove existing tiles and your shower can be fixed within a few hours! We recommend you ask to read their terms & conditions and speak with one of our consultant to better understand why our method is the SURE method.

Due to our continued growth we have formed a separate division which its primary focus and goal are directed solely on repairing leaking showers and nothing else. Below we will take you through step by step, our shower repair method which will help you realise that this method is not one of many but in fact the only method to achieve 100% satisfaction and quality.

Step 1

  • One of our friendly specialist technicians will meet you out on site to assess the situation and damage
  • A report will be prepared by one of our friendly technicians
  • One of our friendly members from the office will be in contact with you to discuss your options and costing
  • If you are 100% satisfied of moving forward with us we will initiate the process and book the project in and confirm a start date

Step 2

Our technicians will arrive to your place, greet you, commence the work and discuss any specific requirements you have, the repair process entails the below but will vary depending on each project

  • Drop sheets will be placed throughout your home to protect floor coverings
  • Shower screen will be removed
  • Shower floor tiles will be removed
  • Bottom row of wall tiles surrounding the shower and or bath tub will be removed
  • Wall and floor surface will be ground back to existing substrate and surface
  • Surface will then be acid washed and machine dried
  • Surface will be primed with suitable primer
  • Highly flexible polyurethane sealant will then be applied into the junctions and corners
  • Highly flexible quick curing water based polyurethane waterproofing will be applied to manufacturers recommendations thus exceeding the Australian standards up to the best practise method found in the BCA (Builders Code of Australia)
  • The waterproof membrane is then left to cure and helped along with a machine dry system while the technician is preparing for the tiling
  • Wall and floor tiling has commenced and been completed with the best matched tiles to suit existing tiles and a polymer modified grout is installed (water repellent and mould/ bacteria resistant)
  • Shower screen is refitted
  • Area is then cleaned
  • All rubbish and debris are removed off site and taken with us
  • Drop sheets removed
  • A final smile and good buy by the consultant

Speak to one of our consultants to repair your shower with little hassle and in no time. Call us today on 02 9580 0455!

Why not contact one of our friendly and professional staff members today for advice and a consultation to see how we can assist you with your project requirements.

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