Quick Seal Process

What does a quick seal process entail?

  • No tiles are removed
  • Re-grouted if necessary
  • Grout sealed with epoxy resin
  • Internal junctions (corners) sealed with epoxy sealant
  • 10-15 year limited warranty

The problems of the quick seal process

The quick seal process does not go to the source of the problem thus leaving a lot of moisture and dampness trapped under the tiles causing problems in the future. The epoxy resin used in the quick seal process has a 0.001 porosity rate meaning that its water repellent properties are fantastic, and almost as good as waterproof. Epoxy sealant is applied in the internal junctions (corners) to make sure water does not penetrate these corners as they are deemed to be the weakest points. All this plus a 10-15 year warranty, you might think this sounds great so what is the problem?

Read below as we explain the ramifications of adopting for a band-aid sealing fix

  • The core root of the problem remains unresolved
  • Tenants, guests and possible buyers will see that there is a leaking shower recess has been repaired, is obvious and not appealing
  • You will be reminded of this problem everytime you step into the bathroom/shower
  • The epoxy sealant applied into the corners of the shower recess are quite large and not very pleasing to the eyes
  • The epoxy sealant does not have any flexible properties, is very rigid and stiff and does not allow for any structural movement, not even in the slightest degree.

The ramifications of the above methods may still not be so obvious so we will further explain below

Structural movement is inevitable in all buildings hence why in 9 out of 10 dwellings you will find cracks on the outside and the inside of the building also known as settlement cracks in new buildings. Over the years buildings will continue to suffer movement but how much movement is based on the site and activity of the soil under your building. In showers that movement is magnified due to the water and moisture, although water does not stand a chance against the epoxy resin and sealant, the water is patient and will wait for the right moment to penetrate and because the epoxy based products are very rigid and stiff once dry they have no flexible properties at all.

So it is only a matter of time where as soon as movement occurs, the rigid stiff epoxy has no chance and surrenders to the movement thus opening a door/crack for the water to penetrate.

You might say i have a 10 or 15 year warranty and that you are covered which is correct but the problem is once you check the fine print, you will find a clause noting that “in the case of any structural movement all warranty becomes null and void.”

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