Waterproofing is a very delicate job and if not done right could lead to expensive and stressful consequences. Much more is involved with waterproofing than giving the surface a quick clean and painting the waterproof membrane. You don’t actually paint waterproof on which is what many people believe to be the right way, you apply waterproof on and that is the difference because there is micro measuring tool to test the thickness of the waterproofing film applied and depending on the waterproof each coat should measure an applied thickness of 0.02mm.

This could only be done while the waterproofing is wet for an accurate reading. These are the manufacturer’s instructions and if ignored, could lead to the warranty becoming void after investigation. Most waterproof membranes don’t vary much and if performed and applied in the right they all result in the same outcome, which is to make the area completely waterproof. See below for our extensive procedure in waterproof application.


  • Concrete grinding of existing surface
  • Acid/chemical wash
  • Machine dry
  • Application of primer
  • Polyurethane bond breakers
  • Application of 2 coats of waterproof


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