Repair Methods

Our leaking shower repairs process explained. For a more detailed explanation visit our repair process page.

  • Remove shower screen
  • Remove floor tiles
  • Remove bottom row of wall tiles
  • Wall and floor surface machine grinded back to existing substrate/surface
  • Acid wash surface then machine dried
  • Highly flexible polyurethane sealant applied to internal junctions/corners
  • Surface will then be primed with suitable primer
  • Highly flexible quick curing polyurethane waterproof applied to manufacturers recommendations
  • Tiling commencement and completion
  • Grout installed with water repellent polymer modified grout with anti-mould and fungus properties
  • Existing shower screen re-installed
  • Anti fungal and mould polyurethane silicone applied in corner junctions
  • Final clean and removal of drop sheets
  • Exclusive Warranty on workmanship

Please note that not only does our repair method go straight to the root of the problem it also takes all necessary precautions exceeding best practise to ensure that your shower carries the strongest line of defence against problems which may arise in the future for example structural movement.

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